Instant Pot Crispy Pork Carnitas Burrito Bowl

Juicy, crispy pork carnitas made made in Instant Pot. Served in a bowl with cilantro-lime rice, Pico de Gallo, avocados, black beans.
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I have had made pork carnitas many times, but never posted the recipe that changes today. This pork carnitas recipe is such a game changer and I am excited to share this recipe with you all.

These pork carnitas can be used to stuff inside a taco shell but my preference was to create a burrito bowl and serve it over flavorful Cilantro-lime rice, topped with Pico de Gallo (a commonly used Salsa in Mexico), avo’s, black beans and corns. This make it a wholesome and fulfilling dinner recipe which looks superb.

I made this recipe on a weeknight, thanks to my Instant Pot. These carnitas can be made within an hour from start to finish. In addition you will need 30 more minutes to prep other ingredients to serve. If you plan ahead, then active cooking time is minimal so it’s a great recipe for weeknights, and let everyone believe you have some kind of super power in the kitchen 😉

If you have always made pork carnitas in your slow cooker, as I used to till I used my Instant pot and they came out to be fantastic. Now you won’t need your pork to cook slowly for hours so that they come out perfectly tender and shred-able! It also succeeds in making carnitas that are extra-juicy and crispy, thanks to a quick broil in the oven and a toss in those leftover cooking juices after the Instant Pot has worked its magic.

These carnitas are fabulous to be served up in soft corn tortillas, burritos, burrito bowlsm quesadillasm enchiladas, tostadas, salads or even in carnitas soup as well. I have served them in a lovely burrito bowl arrangement, as that was the choice my son as asked for!

Prep time: 20 minutes
Sauté time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 30-40 minutes (+ time to come to pressure)
Natural release time: 20 minutes 

Instant Pot Crispy Pork Carnitas Burrito Bowl

These instant pot carnitas are crispy, juicy and the pork falls apart in under an hour. They are served in a bowl with cilantro-lime rice, Pico de Gallo (a type of salsa commonly used in Mexican recipes), avocados, black beans, corns and fresh cilantro. Delicious recipe with juicy, crispy pork carnitas bowl you can cook from start to finish even on a weeknight.

Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 1 hr Total Time 1 hr 20 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 6 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year

What you'll need...

Dry Rub Ingredients

Pork Carnitas Ingredients

Cilantro-Lime Rice Ingredients

Pico de Gallo Ingredients

Remaining Bowl Ingredients

What you'll need to do...

  1. Combine dry rub ingredients in a small bowl and stir to combine. Rub mixture onto pork until each piece is thoroughly covered. Press well to adhere.

  2. Push the "Sauté" button on Instant Pot and set to "High". Add 1 tablespoon olive oil and half the seasoned pork shoulder pieces to the container. Sear until pork is browned on all sides, approximately 2-3 minutes per side. 

    Note: DO NOT use lid while using the 'Sauté' function on an Instant Pot. 

  3. Once browned, transfer seared pork to a plate and repeat this process with another tablespoon of olive oil and remaining pork. Remove browned pork from the Instant Pot and set aside.

  4. Once browned, transfer seared pork to a plate and repeat this process with another tablespoon of olive oil and the remaining pork. Remove browned pork from the Instant Pot and set aside.

  5. Add remaining tablespoon olive oil to the container, along with red onion and jalapeño. Sauté, stirring occasionally, until soft and translucent, approximately 3-4 minutes.

  6. Add browned pork back to the pot and pour chicken broth, orange juice, and lime juice on top. Add lid and lock into place. Set the steam vent to "Sealing". Press the "Manual" button and adjust to the "high" setting, if necessary. Adjust cook time to 30 minutes. (Select 40 minutes for 40+ pound roasts).

  7. While the pork is cooking, prepare the Cilantro-Lime rice and Pico de Gallo by combining the ingredients for each in medium bowls. Stir to combine and set aside until ready to use.

  8. When the Instant Pot cook time is complete, allow the pressure to release naturally for 20 minutes before doing a quick release of any remaining steam.

  9. Optional Steps for Crispier Carnitas

    Pre-heat the oven broiler to high and line a large, rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil. Transfer pork to the prepared baking sheet and gently shred with two forks. Drizzle with 1/4 cup juices from the Instant Pot and toss to combine before spreading into a thin, even layer. Season with additional salt and black pepper, if desired.

    Place pork under broiler for 4-5 minutes, then remove from oven and add a little more juice before turning the meat to brown the other side. Place back under broiler for another 4-5 minutes or until the pork is nice and crispy on the edges.

  10. When finished broiling, remove baking sheet from oven and assemble the burrito bowls by dividing the shredded pork, cilantro-lime rice, Pico de Gallo, sliced avocado, black beans, and corn between 4 to 6 serving bowls. To serve, top with chopped cilantro and fresh lime wedges, if desired. Enjoy!

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